Liquidity Solutions

LSV creates innovative, tailored liquidity solutions for investors, funds and assets

LSV has the flexibility and the structuring capabilities to provide a full suite of liquidity solutions to investors and managers alike. LSV has purchased interests across a wide range of private funds and sectors, including hedge funds, private equity funds, credit, energy, infrastructure and real estate, whose underlying asset mix may be diversified or concentrated across various security type, industry and geographic exposures.


  • Private equity and hedge funds
  • Other private market funds (i.e. credit, real estate, energy and litigation)
  • GP stakes
  • Portfolio solutions

Fund Restructurings

  • Liquidity processes (i.e. tender offers)
  • Recapitalizations
  • Debt and preferred financings
  • Capital injections
  • Asset carve outs
  • Continuation funds
Liquidity Solutions

Structured Transactions

  • Earn-outs, deferrals and options
  • Joint ventures
  • Debt, preferred and equity tranches
  • Creative solutions

Direct Asset Purchases

  • Stub portfolio clean-ups
  • Preferred financing structures
  • Capital injections
  • Single asset solutions

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